How I Built a Fitness Brand and Website From Scratch

Welcome to my portfolio project and landing page! I’m Kevin Rasmussen, and I built my fitness website featuring training tips, fitness nutrition, and personal stories. You can visit my website here at

It was a daunting task to make my website the way I wanted it and do enough research to present quality information. I focused on quality over quantity, which meant I would spend several hours researching and revising just one article.

Additionally, I am using my website to promote supplements and fitness products through Amazon affiliate ads and links, and I will promote more products by other means in the future. Feel free to explore the recaps and documentation of all my work. I have links for a visual view of almost all the steps I took.


Weekly Recaps and Documentation of Each Week

Project outline

Week 1

This week I:

Week 2

This week I:

Week 3

This week I:

Week 4

This week I:


Tech Tools and Platforms I Used


  1. CSS Coding
  2. WordPress block
  3. Customizer
  4. Site Menus


Blogs That I Posted on My Website

Planning Your Weight Training Split Routine

Lifting Tempo, Reps & Rest Time For Mass Gains(Hypertrophy)

Optimal Protein Consumption

My Experience as a Triathlete & Distance Runner, And Why I Transitioned to Bodybuilding.

Why You Should Take Creatine


What I Would’ve Done Differently

In my first week, the project I had in mind and started on was totally different. I was wanting to create an e-commerce store using Shopify and create click funnels for products on ClickBank.

At the end of my first week, I realized this isn’t what I want to do, and I got the idea to create my own fitness website where I would put out tips and promote fitness products that I believe in. This was something I could feel more passionate about and do long-term.

I wish I had applied that idea at the beginning of the week because I would’ve had a lot more time to work on my website, and it would’ve been easier to stay on top of my deadlines rather than starting almost an entire week late.

I wanted to get approved for an account at because you can be an ambassador for and many other brands. I applied too early when my website was underdeveloped and got declined. I should’ve applied later, and I may reapply soon.

I also recently just learned about the website Successful registration with this website will enable me to utilize coupon codes for the products I want to promote. That is also something I would’ve liked to incorporate into this month’s project.

I will apply the combination of Amazon Affiliates, Shareasale, and to promote all the products I want to advertise on my site.


What I Learned

I learned that there are more ways to advertise products and services online than I realized. You can get very creative with the way you promote products through links, ambassador codes, and HTML codes, and these can be used in everything from blog posts, social media, videos, funnels, e-books, email newsletter, etc.

I learned how to build and customize a website on WordPress, and there are a wide variety of features that can be implemented by their settings, customizer, and blocks. Once you get the hang of it, it gets easier to use.

When you do these things with no prior knowledge and experience, it is going to be the most inefficient and take the most amount of time. Having done all this and knowing how to do it, I feel like I can build and customize a website in a fraction of the time with much less effort.

Overall, I am very happy with how my project turned out, and I can’t wait to continue sharing my knowledge and passion for fitness through my website.




Praxis Student. I’m a fitness enthusiast and perusing excellence in life and business.

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Kevin Rasmussen

Kevin Rasmussen

Praxis Student. I’m a fitness enthusiast and perusing excellence in life and business.

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